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Circular Number Circular Name Circular Date
06/2020 Release of an officer from the public service to serve in the Reserve Police Service... 2020-07-15
05/2020 Making post graduate qualification for promotion to special Grade and Grade I applicable in terms of the approved Schemes of Recruitment or/ and Servi... 2020-06-18
04/2020 Transfer to a parallel post in the Central Government on a request made by a public officer holding a permanent in the Provincial Public Service... 2020-01-30
03/2020 The period of release of an officer who is so released from public service temporarily at the officer's instance to hold a post a public officer himse... 2020-01-09
02/2020 Requests made for concessions on Efficiency Bar Examination... 2020-01-08
01/2020 Amending the provisions governing "The immediately preceding five (05) year period of satisfactory service" set out in the approved Schemes ... 2020-01-01
04/2019 Period of service on release to hold a post outside the public service... 2019-12-06
01/2019(I) Procedure to be followed in an interview for evaluating eligibility to award marks for seniority... 2019-10-25
03/2019 Re-Employment of Retired Public Officers... 2019-10-10
02/2019 Amendment of recruitment qualifications in approved Scheme of Recruitment for the post of Legal Officer... 2019-06-26