21 - 30 / 46
Circular Number Circular Name Circular Date
05/2018 Determining the period of promotion when a public officer confirmed in the post is appointed to another permanent post in the public service... 2018-09-11
03/2018 Imposition of disciplinary punishments against the officers retired under Section 12 of the Minute of Pensions... 2018-07-30
02/2018 Reversion of an Officer recruited under limited or merit stream to his former service during the acting period... 2018-05-31
01/2018 Computation of the immediately preceding satisfactory period of service of an officer who has obtained no pay leave, when grade promotions are made in... 2018-01-19
04/2017 Release of officers in the Public Service to take up a new post in the Public Service which includes a period of training... 2017-12-28
03/2017 Reversion to former service by an officer who has duly relinquished his former post to accept another post in the public service or outside it... 2017-09-29
02/2017 - Release of an officer from the public service for services in the Government Volunteer Force or Volunteer Reserve... 2017-07-26
01/2017 Furnish particulars of officers in appointing to Post on Permanent / Acting / Attending to the duties basis... 2017-06-13
03/2016 Concessions for Efficiency Bar Examinations... 2016-05-24
02/2016 Avoiding delays concerning Appointments and Promotions... 2016-05-02