Dedicated Public Service for the Nation’s Excellence.


To Establish and Promote an Efficient, Disciplined and Contented Public Service to Serve the Public with Fairness, Transparency and Consistency

Objectives of the Public Service Commission

  • To establish, improve and sustain the efficiency and effectiveness of the human resource by upholding standards, policies, guidelines and rules governing the appointments, promotions and disciplinary control of the public service.
  • To be sensitive to the needs of the changing environment in order to support the process of decision making for continued progression in public service.
  • To be responsive to the grievances of the public officers aggrieved by orders of the delegated authorities in consideration of the interests of both parties and making fair and correct decisions.
  • To establish a recognized career path for the public officers in order to ensure the career development of individuals with exposure to varied skills, knowledge and experience with a view to retaining the most appropriate officers in service by motivation and job satisfaction.
  • To create a disciplined public officer adhering to professional ethics void of acts of misconduct.