Education Service Committee

The Education Service Committee has been established in terms of Article 56(1) of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka by the Gazette Notification No. 1989/27 dated 19.10.2016.

The delegation of powers has been made to the aforesaid committee and amendments thereto have been introduced by the Gazette Notifications No. 1989/29 dated 19.10.2016, No. 1992/7 dated 07.11.2016 and No. 2014/3 dated 11.04.2017.

The functions of the Education Service Committee are carried out in accordance with the powers delegated by the Gazette Notification No. 2014/3 dated 11.04.2017 with effect from 07.04.2017 and the powers of the Normal Retirement delegated to the Secretary, Ministry of Education by the Public Service Commission Decision No. PSC/EST/02-03/05/2016-SUB and 05.08.2019)

Duties and the Functions of the Education Service Committee

Following functions in respect of the officers on whom powers have been delegated by the Public Service Commission, published in the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2014/3 dated 11.04.2017 are carried out by the Education Service Committee.

  • Recruitment in accordance with approved Service Minutes / Schemes of Recruitment, Confirmation in Service, Termination of Service, Reversion to the former post, Appointment on the basis of acting / attending to duties, Release (permanent / temporary), Resignation from Service, Consideration of appeals against vacation of post notices, Reappointment to the service / post, Retirement (Except Normal Retirement) and Re-employment of retired public officers on contract basis.
  • Promotions according to approved Service Minutes / Schemes of Recruitment / (Grade to Grade / Seniority and Merit Basis).
  • Granting relief for Efficiency Bar Examinations.
  • Disciplinary Control and dismissal from service concerning the offences set out in the First Schedule of Chapter XLVIII of the Establishments Code in relation to the officers belonging to the scope of the Education Service Committee.
  • Providing information under Right to Information Act No.12 of 2016.



 Mr. J.A. Ranjith



 Mrs. A.K.W.W.M.N.K. Weerasekara 



 Mr. W.M.N.J. Pushpakumara



Mr. A. W. R. Wimalaweera Secretary